This Electric Motorcycle App provides a real world range estimation tool but also aims at sharing specific brand info regarding maintenance procedures and general product information. This overview will be updated over time as more details become available.

About this Range Calculator (top)

First a quick word about the in app range calculator. In a few words the range calculator is set up to have a given range per road type (city versus highway and several other combinations) for a given battery capacity. Once these are selected we can calculate the range left based on the percentage or SOC that the user has selected to represent his battery state.

All the other options, like riding style and weather conditions and landscape, are calculated as a penalty on that given optimal range. For example riding in a landscape with constantly changing elevation will result in a 10% range loss. For the weather conditions it’s mostly the outside temperature that plays a role and will result in a 5% (mild) to 10% (cold) penalty versus warm weather.

This range estimation is still improved upon. For now it will probably work best for Zero Motorcycles since the numbers are based upon my own experience with my SRF. I now also own an Energica (SS9+) so I will be updating the range estimations based on my findings to match that battery capacity and drivetrain technology. Feel free to contribute at the project website. Since this is an open source app you can look at the source code and comment or commit changes.

Zero Motorcycles (top)

My first electric motorcycle was a Zero SR/F model year 2020, actually bought in August 2019. Over time I’ve collected all the information I could find and made everything available at this link. This includes manuals but also recall information, installation instructions and personal notes and discoveries.

Zero Motorcycles has set a clear goal of smaller, more efficient power usage and silent belt driven motorcycles. That’s not to say there is no more maintenance needed. Dive into the given resources to get a feeling of what you can do yourself and for what you’ll have to contact your dealership.

Energica Motorcycles (top)

Energica initially had a somewhat similar product in battery capacity and range. Their motorcycles however were built for performance and have a typical sound. Since model year 2020 they jumped ahead of all the other brands by putting the biggest battery on the market with their new plus models having a 21.5kWh capacity. Doing so they even managed to reduce weight and they already had the fastest charging solution with CCS support.

A simple task as finding a manual turned out to be quite a challenge. For some reason these are not available as a download from their website. So I created this overview with the documents I could find. This includes company related information which should be important since Energica went public.

Since test riding the newer model providing more range and faster charging than my own zero I had to get an Energica myself. And I’m happy to report that was made possible in 2021, almost 2 years after getting my Zero SR/F I signed for an Energica SS9+ electric motorcycle.

Other Brands (top)

Like Harley-Davidson Live-Wire but also lost brands like Brammo and upcoming brands like Ligthning and Evoke. We don’t have much information available yet on these specific motorcycles. If you are aware of any resources we should include here please contact us. If you haven’t seen Long Way Up you should.