Recording Yamaha XSR 900 Akrapovic exhaust sound

Just like I’ve done with my electric motorcycle I’ve attempted to record audio at the exhaust from my Yamaha XSR. It has a titanium Akrapovic twin exhaust. Fully street legal with big box below the bike and then 2 smaller cones on the side, including DB killers for sound restrictions.

Below video shows how I had a simple sony voice recorder mounted on the side with a small rode video micro microphone pointed directly at the mufflers. At some point I must have messed with the settings cause the audio failed for anything except some low speed moments. I’ve checked afterwards and the levels were set to AUTO instead of LOW. I might also have to look for a position a bit further away from the mufflers.

The next video is some more recording from the initial rides once I purchased this bike and covered the first services. This is recorded from a microphone mounted in my helmet (and honestly at this point gives a way better result).

Follow me on my YouTube channels to find updates once I’ve finally nailed it. Got some advice also to put the mic in a backpack and record from there to overcome the noises from wind and riding (chain, gears, …).

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