Yamaha XSR 900 vs Energica SS9 some initial numbers

Now that I have a conventional internal combustion engine powered motorcycle again it’s time for some different numbers. I have to say some of these numbers really surprised me. Most people are complaining about range of electric motorcycles, well those people clear don’t have a supersport, anything dirt bike based or an XSR. Also performance wise it wasn’t what I expected.

Let’s start with power and weight numbers. It might seems similar in power at first sight but the weight and torque are very different. For all the numbers I’ll write the Energica SS9 numbers down first, followed by the Yamaha XSR 900 numbers.

2021 Energica SS9+ specs

  • weight: 270 kg (current models are 260 kg)
  • max power: 109 pk or 80 kW cont. & max 115 pk or 86 kW
  • max torque: 200 Nm
  • range: ~200 km with 16 kWh capacity and ~8kWh/100km

2016 Yamaha XSR 900 specs

  • weight: 193 kg
  • max power: 113 pk or 84,2 kW @ 10.000 rpm
  • max torque: 87,4 Nm @ 8.500 rpm
  • range: ~200 km with 14L fuel capacity with 4L reserve and ~5L/100km

The following images show some data recorded from rides with either bikes. I would expect the electric to be the fastest off the line. Despite the higher weight it also has more than double the torque and that torque is available from 0 rpm (vs 8500 rpm for the ICE bike).

And still the numbers I got show that max acceleration for the ICE is 9,7 m/s while the electric bike recorded lower at 7,6 m/s and 6,5 m/s on 2 similar rides. Below are the 2 recordings from my electric Energica.

And below here is that one recording from my XSR 900. Note that I only have this recording at this point. Could be an issue with the app to be honest. I’ll have to record more rides to confirm this. The other image here shows the total range from a full tank down to reserve. Note that on reserve you still have around 4L left.

I’ll make some follow up posts about costs. The other surprise is that the Yamaha isn’t that expensive to maintain as long as you do the work yourself. The needed parts and liquids aren’t that expensive.

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