Recording pure electric motorcycle sound, Another attempt

I’ll just share the video to show the results. Most of my videos where I’m riding have audio recorded from within the helmet. This time I have a microphone set up closely to the gearbox within the rear wheel arch.

6 Comments on “Recording pure electric motorcycle sound, Another attempt

  1. Same here – the sound sucks. Would pay for less sound 😉
    Livewire and Zero are doing much better in that case.
    Sometimes I ride my Esse with earplugs or my EarPods Pro in canceling mode.

  2. I like the sound of my Energica very much, it reminds me of a turbine. But as with e.g. electronic music, some like it and some do not.

    May I add some unasked-for advice.
    As an engineer by profession I want to disencourage you tampering with the gear lube fluid. If the additive you talk about really reduces the noise significantly, I suspect that also the lubrication is compromised which could shorten the gearbox’s lifetime significantly. Modern gearboxes are relying on sufficient lube films on surfaces of the gear teeth as well as on the roller elements in the bearings. If these lube films become too thin or even vanish, e.g. at high rpm, the surfaces in contact with each other get damaged. This damage is usually increasing exponentially over time.

    1. True about personal taste. Good to hear some enjoy the noise 👍.

      Thanks also for the advice. I’m not going to bother with even finding that specific additive. I don’t even change the fluids myself on this bike.

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