DVISION HUD is a head-up display for motorcycles that mounts in any helmet

I’ve seen this device on sale at some very well known shops (like louis.eu) and after reading some good reviews I was triggered. So I got one for myself and received it shortly in a simple small package including just the device, an USB-C cable, instructions and different hardware options to mount it. There is even some sugru included. The quick start guide shows a Yes/No flow diagram that starts with the question if your helmet has a build in sun visor or not. If No is your answer you’re in luck, just like I was, since all you need to mount then is an L shaped clip that clamps between your helmets outer shell and the impact foam.

So an USB-C cable is included, glad it supports USB-C and not some of the older USB generations. After using it for 2 rides of 1 hour, so 2 hours in total, I still saw a full battery indication and it is capable of showing battery state in 3 blocks. On the 3rd ride of 1 hour it finally dropped a bar. So the minimal battery life is 3x 2 or 6 hours, more likely around 8 hours in total.

Update : I’ve been testing and at 8 hours I still have 1/3 of the battery icon left but it did show like this since 6 hours so life is more like 8 or slightly more. Good number 👍.

Visibility of the small screen is surprisingly good, even in bright sun. Only when the sun was directly in my visor I had trouble to see it, but at that point I had trouble to see anything honestly. I suspect damp from breathing forming on the mirror in winter will be more of an issue. I did notice it from time to time during cold morning rides already.

The screen is a bit sensitive to helmet placement. The image has to be projected exactly on the center for it to be all visible. There are some margins around but not much. You can move the projection up and down by moving the mirror. Sideways can be changed by moving the complete module. Also moving your helmet on your head will have the same effect.

The screen looks very small but once mounted in your helmet you can switch between focus on the road and focus on the screen. Once you focus on the screen it covers like a 4th of the visor so it shows much bigger than what you’d expect from the size of the little mirror.

From the app you can pick 1 of 4 available layouts. These layouts aren’t that different from each other though. And for each layout you can also show or hide several fields like; time, speed limit, current speed, compass, BLE connection state, hud battery, phone battery, caller ID and all the navigation fields. Navigation fields are things like arrows, arrival time and distance to cover still.

Navigation works but is limited to navigation with their own app. The app has HERE navigation SDK integrated. It does work but isn’t packed with features like Google Maps and even Apple maps have these days. Would be nice to have different options, or android auto or apple carplay.

That said it offers offline maps and if you use it offline it will work as long as you get back on the track after a deviation. Without Internet connection there is no recalculation of the route. Instructions are working fine, the only downside I found there is that the visible arrows are sometimes a bit late. The spoken instructions are always sooner which seems to work better. Because of this pairing with a headset is desired.

While no instructions are coming the arrows aren’t in the screen. I suspect this is done to keep the information in your sight of vision limited. It will only show just in time for a new instruction coming up. On the highway that seems to be around 800 to 1.000 m before an exit. On B-roads it’s more like 300-400 m before. And that is sometimes a bit late.

Speed indication is accurate and has just the slightest (around 1s) delay because of the GPS and BLE implementation. Also the speed limit indication was correct most of the time. After 4 hours of riding I only had 1 spot where it was wrong and a few spots were it was missing.

A speed warning can be activated in the app settings. When you go over the limit by a specificly set amount a sound will play. If you keep speeding after around 4 warnings it will give up. By default it’s set to 5 kph over current speed limit.

For me as an electric rider (is that a thing?) with a bike that doesn’t report the right speed I’m glad I can see that crucial value now in my helmet. Now I just need to get SOC and/or range on there also and I’ll never have to look down on the dash anymore.

I’ve already contacted the company behind this. And within 24 hours I had a response explaining they understood my request but didn’t have a solution right now. But also that they forwarded my request to the product team to see what can be done with it. And that they are planning to add more information in the future with firmware and app updates.

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