Great video from a livewire owner

Really good video on the Harley Davidson livewire and competitors in the US. An owner talks about why he got the Harley and has some very good points.

He’s on his second livewire and has clearly done some proper long distances. Nice to recognise some of the other bikes also from the different Facebook groups.

Already 3 years ago now I skipped Energica myself because of a lack of dealer support. Last year that changed enough for me to jump ship and get on an Italian electric bike.

I wonder if his next bike will still be a livewire now that Harley Davidson changed the branding approach. Plus Energica has been working hard on their presence overseas.

And I still haven’t even tested the electric Harley Davidson offering. Something I should change.

2 Comments on “Great video from a livewire owner

  1. Harley Livewire is really big fun – you have to tale a ride or rent one for a weekend!
    CCS is below Energica max level and AC is only about 1.4 kW, that’s very low. Otherwise I would probably switch from my Esse to HD/LW. Best thing: it’s much more silent 🙂

    1. Definitely have to try a livewire. If I understand correctly they have 2 Harley dealerships in Belgium where we can book a test ride. I’ll check for that. I liked the silence of the belt drive on the Zero SRF. I only ride in sport mode in summer but when I do on the Energica people look like I’m going 100 kph in a 50 kph zone while I’m still only going 40 kph :D.

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