Zero and Energica App statistics for Android and iOS & Electric motorcycle sales numbers in the Netherlands

For both zero and Energica I have apps available on both app stores of Google and Android. Below are the stats of these apps. Before we continue let’s put this all into perspective by talking about the sales numbers of the bikes themselves.

Electric motorcycles sales in the Netherlands, 2020 vs 2021

From a post on the Dutch Zero Motorcycles facebook group I found these sales numbers. Thanks to the public registration system of license plates in the Netherlands it’s easy to get these numbers. I live in Belgium myself where these numbers aren’t publicly available. Belgium isn’t a big country anyway so not sure if that would have much added value.

The post on facebook was made by a dealer working from the Netherlands. I’ll translate the most important parts in the quote below. You can find the original post here. Note that these total numbers include electric scooters.

For 2021 a total of 231 new electric motorcycles were registered in the Netherlands. A smal increment compaired to 2020 when 223 new electric motorcycles were registered.

Zero Motorcycles remains the best selling electric brand with a total of 129 bikes, 15% more than the year before. The SR/S counts for 47 units and the SR/F for 29 units.

Harley Davidson LiveWire was registered 18 times, a drop of 30% compaired to the year before.

Energica sold 25 motorcycles in the Netherlands in 2021.

BMW sold 5 C-Evolution electric scooters in 2021.

App statistics

So we have 2 platforms for apps (iOS & Android) and 2 platforms of supported motorcycles (Zero and Energica). I have no support yet for the livewire or other electric brands.

These are the numbers for Zero Motorcycles of which I have an app that allows a user to connect directly to the cloud service. Zero themselves break this feature in updates for both their bike and their app. If the feature is broken on the bike it will no longer push valid data so no updates will show on my app either. If it is their app that is broken however my apps can be used to get that remote info.

Numbers for 90 days for Android App for Zero

For Energica Motorcycles I have an app that allows connection directly with the bike using the built in Bluetooth LE connection or with an optional dongle to get some extra info. The BLE connection is very similar to what the official MyEnergica app provides, only a few extra fields that Energica doesn’t display. The OBDII dongle connection shows the battery temperature and cell balance as extra values ATM (more coming soon).

Numbers for 90 days for Android app for Energica

On the App Store platform from Apple the numbers are a little different. The units is what matches the numbers I’ve displayed above for Android. Here we also get impressions (views) and sessions (uses of app). All these apps are free to get and free to use so there is no evolution in that $0 digit.

Numbers for 90 days for iOS App for Zero (blue icon on top) and Energica (yellow icon at the bottom).

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