Two quick keynotes on how Bluetooth and OBDII diagnostics work on Energica

I know I’ve shared info on those discoveries from time to time. And for the OBDII data I’m far from done and regularly finding new fields. But even for the integrated BLE connection, for which I’m mostly done, I never really shared all the details in something other than the code repositories.

So here is my attempt at sharing this in a readable and not too low level format. There are images but also still code involved. Even if it’s just to see if you would or would not use the available apps, feel free to check these out. I know for sure I’ll be pointing to these next time someone asks about it.

Bluetooth LE Connection

The first keynote is about the built in Bluetooth connection available on all Energica models and also what the official My Energica App uses. Follow this link for a PDF version.

OBDII Bluetooth Dongle

And this second keynote is about the OBDII data connection. Like you’ll find in the presentation you do need some extra hardware for this one. Nothing expensive or complicated though, just a simple OBD dongle.

The benefit of this approach is that the connection is way easier to built up and there is more data available. At least in the end there will be, once everything is decoded. Current state is that we have about half of the data from that BLE connection and already a few fields are more promising (like battery temp and cell balance).

Next Steps

Currently scanning the can bus for more info as I’m writing this article. Normally I would do so with a proper OBD cable and software like savvycan to help with finding patterns. This time I’ve limited myself to the elm327 chipset and these self coded apps. It looks like that is sufficient for now.

Published Apps

Android version

iOS version

Enjoy! Or ignore! Whatever makes you feel good.

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