Another quick can bus example from my 2021 Energica SS9+ electric motorcycle

Just another quick example of how I search for data on the can bus. This shows how easy it is to query this bus for info using just a BT dongle and a phone.

For proper debugging I would recommend logging using a wired connection to a computer running a program like Savvy CAN. That will show all messages and includes functions to decode these right away.

The Base concept is still the same though. Watch these messages as you alter one thing at a time and that way try to link a specific change in data to some action.

In the video I first show the throttle input changing on address 109. The lower the address the higher the priority. So it makes sense that controls like throttle input and braking would be on these high priority addressess.

On Address 200 I have the battery temperature, state of charge, Battery health, voltage and current. That I don’t explain in full details but I have other video’s and this project website where you can find all the latest.

On higher numbers, lower priority, like 500 I’ve also seen messages but at this point I won’t even bother.

To continue with address 200 I have a current for charging but no charge state yet. Other than the indicator from the BLE connection to the bike that is. So in the video I test if address 201 having a first byte set to 01, followed by lots of zeros, changes anything when I plug in a charger. And it does 🤓.

Next I’ll have to check these values while charging on DC current and so on. But you get the idea.

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