Zero SRF & SRS charge tank removal and installation DIY instructions and HOW TO

I’ve shared the official installation instructions from Zero in the past on this website. Nevertheless I had my own charge tank installed by a Zero dealer. If you follow my YT channel or this blog you probably already know that didn’t go as planned. Anyway I just removed the charge tank on my SRF so here are more instructions on how that can be done.

Note that the PDF is for US models where they show how you also need to swap the charge connector. For the EU models the charge connector with full harness is already in place to accept the charge tank. So that step isn’t required over here.

Also despite having a config option on the console (over serial using OBDII port) this was never activated on my bike and the charge tank just worked. As long as you have all the connectors installed (chargeport, battery leads and can bus) it should just work. I can now also confirm removal doesn’t need any change in configuration.

The parts you should get with your charge tank are:

  • Zero branded 6 kW charge tank itself with 2 battery leads and charge port harness connector
  • Left and Right bracket to bolt on top of the battery on your bike
  • Top bracket with plastic dividers to clamp charge tank in place
  • New tray to relocate USB and OBDII ports
  • Some padded foam, stickers and hardware to connect everything

It’s very easy to execute (and electrocute) yourself. Just make sure you have the glass battery fuses out (located on your left inside leg) and that the 12V battery is disconnect all the time. All connectors have clips that keeps them in place, look for those on disconnecting them. Even the very small battery heat wire for example has a connector with very small clip.

Honestly most of the work is to get all the wiring out of the way of the tank cover. It helps to temporarily remove the plastic that fits around the charge connector. That can be pressed in with the tank in place (not fastened) and that way you can look into the tank cover to see if everything is OK. From my understanding this is mostly an issue with the EU models.

Make sure not to drop any bolts into the frame. There is a cover over the battery when working on it like this. If you ever need to access the two 3 kW chargers on the bike just above the battery you’ll have to be extra careful since there is a gap in the battery there where you could drop things (which you don’t want to).

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