Got my Energica SS9 serviced today and this is what it costs & how it compares to other motorcycles

On my Zero SRF I was a bit disappointed with a service cost of just over 120 EUR every 10.000 km. Even more so because that is for just updating firmware and synchronisation and checkups L. The SRF doesn’t even need an oil change.

I compaired this cost to my BMW R1200 GS and RT which I had to put in service every 10k also but alternating between small and big services. The cost of these services wasn’t really fixed but always around 200 EUR for a small service and around 400 EUR for the big one.

The zero is a lot cheaper then you might think? Well not really, the issue there is that I needed a new belt at 11.000 also and that costs 200 EUR. I then learned that Zero recommends their dealers to replace the belt every 10k just to be sure. So every 10.000 km I have to pay around 100+200 or 300 EUR in total. The same amount I paid for my BMW at 200+400 every 20k so also 300 km every 10k.

Today I’m very happy that I only had to pay 79 EUR to get my Energica serviced. Within that cost I’m not counting brake fluid (every 2 years) or brake pads or tyres. If I add the cost of a chainset every 30.000 km at around 300 EUR (for an expensive one) that is still 179 EUR every 10k.

Granted a cheap Japanese ICE motorcycle like a Honda NC750 will also be very cheap to run. Chainsets are cheaper at 200 EUR and last longer because of lack of any power 😂. And they also don’t need much fuel. If you always charge your Energica at expensive fast chargers or you take the cost of the bike into account…

This is what I paid 4 service cost 4 my Energica SS9 electric motorcycle (every 10.000 km/6.000 mi)

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