Long distance riding with an electric motorcycle, is it even possible?

Ask that question to Steven cause he’s currently crossing the US on his 2021 Energica Ribelle. And not even for the first time. Depending on when you read this you might still be able to follow his route live on this link. He’s almost there though so you might be too late. The screenshot is his position while I was writing this.

You can also follow him on YouToube with username @Zero Fun. Make sure to subscribe to his channel cause he has some good video’s there already. Like the one where his kid explains how the pin code backup works on the Energica keyless system.

I have some experience with cross country riding myself I have to add. I’ve done it a few times also. Big difference here is that I don’t live in the US. Instead I live in Belgium… and crossing that in the longest direction possible is still only like just over 300 km. So you might conclude that’s not the same :D.

Maybe I should attempt this on a single charge on my SS9? For that to work I would have to stay away from highways. And even then it might still be a challenge to cover 300 km on a single charge. In Vlaanderen I think it’s possible as the speed limit is 70 kph there almost everywhere plus you have to cross a lot of town centers at 50 kph.

The lower half of Belgium still has a 90 kph default speed limit though and way less populated so not that many town centers to cross. That is where it would probably be hard to get to the ride consumption to cross Belgium on a single charge.

I’ll do some math and see if it’s even close to possible, maybe with an adapted route avoiding 90 kph stretched sections and tucked in on a sunny day….

Update : and now Scott Harkless did an even faster coast to coast ride on his Zero SRF with double charge inlet.


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