How I log my routes to GPX files including import to Google maps

What follows are some findings and tools I use to work with routes for both planning and looking back at routes I’ve done.

Creating and planning routes from scratch

In my original post about planning a 1.000 km route I struggled with Google maps having a limit of 10 points on the map to create a route from. Even with some tricks changing the URL manually I still found it limiting to 25 points. Plus making it impossible to change routing options per section and no way to properly share or export that route.

I found a way around that using Google map tools. I’m still using Google maps but this time from the maps edit function. For that go to this URL and then you’ll find you can import and visualize any gpx routes or just plan a route right in there from point to point. For finding chargers I still use chargemap and the filters they provide.

Logging routes while riding

Initially I was using the Yamaha my ride app to get routes logged while riding. The account is free and the app works most of the time. I’ve only lost a few recordings because the app wants you to login again after each update. That’s something to keep in mind.

Since I created such an app for the pace race event I just use that one instead. You can use it with the Energica BLE provided location or directly from the gps on your device. That last option works for any motorcycle, vehicle or even without.

This is the project website with more information. And below is a video showing it in action that I shared before here.

More tools

For example to convert KMZ files to a GPX file which is more common. At first I used a service from mygeodata but that turned out to be a paid service (after 3 free conversions). So I looked for an alternative and started using instead. Just upload your KMZ file and download the export result.

If you really want to have a single route you can also merge the different files. For that I used gpxmerge a basic tool that allows for merging these files. It just works, sometimes tools that just work are the best option.

I also use routeyou for sharing routes allthough that step is optional and whatever you prefer. Most navigation devices and apps allow for gpx imports.

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