Final Energica SS9 versus Zero SRF highway range numbers

So here are the final range numbers for highway use. I’ll make a follow up for non highway roads but that will take some more time to arrange the ride. The thing is that on the highway it’s easy to cover some distance to have the average consumption indication on the dash level out. On backroads not so much.

This is riding sitting up right while riding with a backpack at around 15-20C environment temperature in nice and dry weather. Cold and rain increases consumption so reduces range. Tucking in, riding in leathers or without backpack all will have a positive effect on range.

For both Energica and Zero I’m working with average consumption read out from dashboard over a 50 km distance. That way I have a number of what is used in Wh per kilometer. Next I can calculate what the total range would be if I know the total useable battery capacity.

For Zero you can for sure ride a bit longer if you don’t mind very limited output. Personally I think that on both going below 20, and for sure below 10% on the highway feels dangerous due to the limited speed and power output you then get. Still these numbers is going from 100% to 0% SOC so not advised to do this on the highway.

Funny enough the average consumption numbers are almost identical in these conditions, at least once I had corrected for the common pitfalls. The initial numbers I got from my Energica were mostly wrong because of that stupid 110% speed readout on the dashboard. So In these numbers I’m properly correcting for that.

I still feel the Zero is more efficient on lower speeds. Zero correction for speed indication on dash is a more acceptable 104%. The readout of average consumption on lower speeds on the dashboard is rather erratic on the Zero. The instant consumption readout is even worse.

The new Energica motors should have slightly more range on higher speeds. The next update on consumption numbers will probably be about riding on B roads, unless I can find one of those new ones to test on :D.

2021 Energica SS9+ reports resBatteryEnergy at 100% SOC of 16.241 Wh at ODO 3.500 km

@100 kph or 110 kph on dash 80 Wh/km average

203 km range

@115 kph or 125 kph on dash 110 Wh/km average

148 km range

@120 kph or 130 kph on dash 120 Wh/km average

135 km range

2019 Zero SRF reports 104Ah using OBDII readout so with 102V nominal voltage that results in 10.608 Wh at ODO 13.500 km

@100 kph or 104 kph on dash is 80 Wh/km average

132 km range

@115 kph or 120 kph on dash 110 Wh/km average

96 km range

@120 kph or 125 kph on dash 120 Wh/km average

88 km range

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