I rode my Energica at 70 kph with my bullet brake engaged :o

Needless Disclaimer: don’t do this to your own bike!! This was a stupid mistake I made and I hope I won’t do it again. If I do the bullet brake will be for sale.

Not sure how this could happen but yes it did. Well I do know how it could happen to be honest. The thing is that I never put this on my zero because of this, being afraid to forget about it and warping my discs before I would even realize.

I did put this on my Energica cause for that motorcycle I need to pull in the brake to engage it. When you toggle the kill switch without the brake pulled in it will give you an error similar to what you get when you have your kickstand out. So this is perfect for the bullet brake because pulling in the front brake also releases the bullet brake.

And still I managed to get on the road without disengaging the bullet brake first. I was testing and filming (so I have footage) for the speed limiter setting I found in the Energica Bluetooth protocol. I put the bike on the side of the road, noticed it rolled downhill so engaged the bullet brake. Next I fiddled with the setting to test out a 70 kph speed limit. All that time not using my kill switch (I should use it every time I stop the bike, I know).

Next I went on the road again and went up to 50 kph noticing the speed limiter kick in. So thank god that was all I wanted to know so I pulled over again. But when I released the throttle it felt like I had the strongest regen level activated times 2. I wasn’t sure what was going on but I was stopping anyway so I continued doing so.

It was only when I pulled in the brake not to roll backwards again on this hill that I heard the bullet brake pop out. So yes I just went on the road with my front brakes engaged :o. Oh my!? When I realised this I quickly got off the bike to see if the front discs were warm and yes they were hot as hell. So I decided to continue riding for some cool air to go over it, without using the front brakes.

A bit later they were cooled down and I couldn’t feel or hear any warped effect. So you could say I just broke them in… for good. I’m just glad I didn’t damage these awesome brakes. And next time I’ll hopefully remember this en engage my kill switch at every stop so I can’t forget to disengage the bullet brake.

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