At what SOC does the Zero SRF 12 kW charge tank drop charge speed?

At home I know for sure I can charge up to 5.8kW all the way to 95%, probably beyond also. But I wanted to test this on a proper 12kW charger so I can check what it does there. So I did and got these promising results.

This means you can ride a Zero down to 0% and charge back up to 90% SOC probably all day long. And yes you know where I’m going with this.

Energica has this issue where it throttles down charge speed of you charge on DC for too long. For all day charging from 30 to 80% works for sure. But that is only using 50% battery capacity 😬.

I know for sure it slows down at 80% but I’m still trying to identify what the lowest value is you can start charging from. 10% does introduce throttling due to battery heat. So it must be either around 20 or 25%. As soon as I find out I’ll report back. For now these are the fastned numbers.

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