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So this website initially was all about photography and written in Dutch, my native language. Over time I started writing about other topics and some of these topics were picked up internationally. So it made sense to me to write these down in English instead.

The above screenshot clearly shows that today the majority of my visitors are still Flemish or Dutch speaking. But that number isn’t everything cause the current most popular articles are about my camper van conversion and are very specific to local laws.

The number of non Dutch speaking people has been growing steadily so I expect to see a shift once I take the time to actually write and publish in English. Hence I made the decision now to do just that.

It also helps that I imported older blog content here a month ago or so and that was all in English. These already show up in the analytics in the form of search results. Cause then we’re talking about older articles. I only imported these since I figured they would show up in the history only. That worked great btw, a simple wordpress plugin allowed me to import all my blogger exports with a few clicks.

And from now on I’ll try to publish only in English. The shift in content was mainly from photography to motorcycles and maybe even electric motorcycles to be more specific. It’s not that I won’t write about photography or my van anymore. Those topics will still come but from now on also in English. It doesn’t make sense to me to publish in different languages.

Update 05/2021: I’ve now rearranged this website so that the English content about electric motorcycles is the main category and Dutch content about photography and our camper van remain in separate sections. This allows me to work on either subjects without mixing them. I’m not entirely sure how this translates to people that are subscribed to this website. If you are and you do encounter issues with this new approach please let me know.

2 Comments on “A quick word on language

    1. Thanks Jurgen. I loved the English articles you’ve shared here. Even have that bullet brake ordered now 😉. And your writing is on a way higher level than mine so I vote yes. People that already follow you can always translate but they’ll lose things in that auto translated text for sure. And it won’t attract new people searching in English.

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