New free electric motorcycle range estimation apps published

Yes available for download for free right now. If you want you can always contribute at the project website cause these apps are again open source. I’ll work on the readme file to give some more info on the calculation logic the way it’s currently implemented.

For now it’s very similar to the calculations within the original app I made for the Zero SR platform bikes. With that difference that you can now also select other battery capacities.

Besides capacity selection you get the same riding style and conditions to choose from. Think of temperature and type of road but also riding style and landscape. These all have their effect on the total available range for the given capacity and SOC percentage.

How it works behind the scenes is that you have an expected range per kWh for each road type. These road types are mostly an indication of the speed you’ll be able to ride at. Faster on the highway and a merely 50 kmh in city traffic.

Starting from that baseline I can calculate the expected range for the selected battery capacity and SOC percentage left. All the other options on the app are implemented as possible penalties on that range.

Any experience I collect riding both a Zero and Energica myself will be added to this app on the form of these penalties. For example results of range tests with screens and luggage. So make sure to have auto updates enabled if you install the app.

Android version is available from

And iOS version can be found at this link

Or using the app store on your device if you search for emapp.

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