Just pushed an update for my ZeroNG App

Still has to be approved before it will be visible for everyone. For now iOS users that are registered in the beta release program can get this update using the TestFlight App.

Also the Android version is a bit delayed due to the recent takedown but it will eventually get the same updates.


There was a bug reported about the mileage on the first view that didn’t change when you picked imperial versus metric units. I thought this value was received in the right format from the API hence didn’t convert it. Turns out the conversion was needed so this is now fixed.

It is normal for that value to be a bit behind actual value registered in the dash. I’ve noticed this on my own bike and this was reported by other users also. This is just how the API reports this value and is not an issue within the app.

Same for the 0% SOC reports or old SOC values shown in the App. This is due to a bug in the zero system introduced and maintained in firmware version 18 and 19.

New features

The reference has been updated to point to an article on this website from now on. This has the benefit that updates in that reference no longer require an app update. Plus users can follow links within that content.

Tip: the interface is fairly limited but you can use typical OS gestures, for example to navigate back if you wish to.

Some more improvements were implemented for the map view. Now you can clear all overlays with the added Clear button. Before you had to force close the app to achieve this.

And the date picking has been updated to take up less real estate and simplify selection of multiple dates.

Tip: for selecting nultiple dates just select these one by one on the new popup before closing it. Once complete touch outside the popup to get back to the map to see all fetched routes plotted at once.

The weather forecast has been removed. I found it didn’t had any added value and many other dedicated apps exist that provide this information way better presented anyway.


I think I’ll focus on usability for now. Many of the features in the app are rather hidden. Think of the gesture based navigation on the reference or the date range selection on the map. If you don’t know this it’s easily overlooked.

I’m not sure yet if I should simplify user experience or provide some walk through information to clarify these hidden features.

Due to the zero takedown I might also look into further deviation where possible.

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