Energica EGO, EVA (Original), EVA SS9 & EVA Ribelle Electric motorcycle documentation

Before I shared the documentation I could find on the Zero SRF and SRS electric motorcycles. Including exploded views and installation instructions of all sorts. This post is a follow up on that but this time I’ll share everything I could find for the Energica models.


Electric Motorcycles Form (EMF) has a board specific to Energica that you can find at this link. I’m not sure why but for some reason that board seems less lively than the Zero boards. Could just reflect a difference in sales numbers.

Also on Facebook there is a group specific to Energica. That is the place to be to interact with other owners. You can there also find a link to a discord chat group.

The zeromanual documentation does have some comparison information on Energica models. So I’ll include that here. Since that is a working community project we might have to look into expanding that to Energica also.

Maximum Charge rates

On AC or alternating current the bike is limited to 13 to 14A so 3kW charging on a 230V system. I know it says 15A on the dash but I’ve never seen it reach that.

On DC charging system is where you get all the good stuff at 24kW. From the factory the bike will be limited to 20kW but you can increase that to 24kW pulling the menu button to the right.

Some older models are limited to 20kW. There are even Eva models that were able to reach higher speeds but eventually were also limited to 20kW with a firmware update. That’s probably for a reason.

The following is a graph that reveals why you should not drain the battery too far in order to benefit from full speed DC charging.

Because this graph is a bike charging from 0% it starts to throttle even before reaching 50% SOC. In my own experience this will also happen if you go down to 10%. It won’t happen before 80 if you charge from 30%. After 80% it always slows down. So max charge speed is available somewhere between 20-30% and 80% SOC.

As soon as I find out that lower limit I’ll update this writing. Turns out it’s not that easy to find a charger at the right SOC. When it throttles the battery shows yellow when you start riding again. In my own experience it took up to 1 hour riding for it to go green again.

Service Manual

So far I haven’t seen any full on service manuals like you can find for many other brands from Haynes or other publishers. For Zero I can get this since there isn’t that much to service. Energica’s have a little more work involved.

Luckily there was already an awesome post shared on EMF with all the required details. I’ve printed this out in the form of a PDF manual just for reference. The layout isn’t perfect but it is something in case EMF goes down (again).

Also on YouTube you can find a video from newzeroland where he shows how to change the oil. If you check that channel you’ll find more instructions on how to remove panels, change clipons and more.

Order spare parts can be done in the usual shops. These bikes use common chain drive and (Brembo) brakes. This (EU) website has an overview of some of the available service products for this bike.

Other Documents

And to finish this overview I’ll just add some downloads that were shared on EMF in this topic about creating a community managed overview. Sadly it didn’t get enough traction (just yet) and the wiki for instance was taken down after it was covered with spam. The topic is still worth visiting cause it still contains links to other sources. Here are the documents I stored.

Instructions and manuals

Manuals, installation instructions, product sheets, and more.

Catalogs and brochures

Product information in the form of brochures and catalogs

Company and investor information

Energica company specific information

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