Devoxx 2012

This year was a completely new experience for me. I’ve been visiting devoxx (and javapolis before) since I was a student. I know I skipped one year since then and that’s probably it. Most of the t-shirts I still have. Some are gone though (too bad).

This year however I was on the other side. I was able to work along with the devoxx team! I’ll get back to this post soon with more information of what I really did and how I experienced that. Need to recover first.

I’ve seen a lot of javascripting and javaFX and android this year. The cloud was less present (didn’t mind either). Again a lot of interesting topics and speakers. Cool to see the NAO robots in action. Also attended the BOF about these nice little robots. Looks like the hardware is all set up, just need a lot more programmers now to put these nice things to work.

Talking about robotics and the future track of Devoxx. My ArduPilot session got a lot of attention. The BOF room was completely full and I didn’t see much people leaving during the talk either. I had a flight instructor on the front row. Great to have some interaction and to be challenged! Too bad my demo failed at the end. I had everything with me twice so I could always use the backup instead. However I ran out of time before I realized my gear was not working and I needed the backup.

The NFC/Arduino/Raspberry PI/NodeJS project was also a success. We handled over 10k votes with this system. Still a few bugs to fix for Devoxx 2013. We’re on it!

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