Spam you get as an Android Developer

The kind of spam you get as an Android developer is changing. It used to be those kind of messages asking to either deploy your application on their app store. Or to inform you about their ad campaigns that would get you so much more CPM.

Just ignoring most of these messages. This one I didn’t want to hide from you. Sure I removed the personal details first!

Hey there!

I was just looking through some of your Android apps and was curious…Have you ever thought about selling the ownership of one of them?

Most developers don’t even know that there is a second market for apps (i.e. a market for mobile app acquisitions). Even crazier, this strategy will actually make you more money in most cases than keeping your app up in the Play Store.

Sorry for not introducing myself (admittedly I got over excited). This is Gerry from ******* (I run our acquisitions department). We broker mobile app acquisitions for Android and iOS developers.

Over the last 3 days alone we have made developers over $40,000.

Either way, I think it would be awesome to continue the conversation. Or at the very least answer any questions you had.

I’d love to make you some more money. I am here to help however I can.



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