Lesson learned, secure lipo

Just lost a lipo in flight. Lucky me this happened on my wing so it just came down very smooth with no damage at all to the foam. The only damage reported is a lost lipo and one of the esc wires being cut.

I was afraid that I lost more since I saw white pieces flying around on the moment I lost control. Since I don’t have any foam damage I’m thinking this could be the lipo pack going through the propeller, being cut in pieces so that what  I saw were in fact the separate cells lit up by the sun. The more I think of this theory the more I believe it. After all these pieces came down faster than the wing itself so they must have been heavier. 
I wasn’t able to find any of them so I can’t say for sure. New battery is on the way. I’ll look into a better securing system. I had it squeezed into the foam slot only. Should have at least added some velcro. 

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