Hobbyking not returning shipping costs

For some maybe not surprising at all. I never had any real issues with hobbyking… Until recently.

A small package, the accu-cel 6 for those familiar with te hobbyking products, hadn’t arrived after a month. I checked orderstatus online and noticed the product descriptions used a strikethrough font and in the comments for order status was written: “PARCEL RETURN REASON: Incorrect Address****”.

Strange since my shipping address hadn’t changed and I received just over 60 orders without issues. Also I always pick the same shipping method so that I know for sure my local postmen gets the package to my door. At least he knows my name.

Anyway I contacted the online chat support service to get my money back. The order messages section also displayed “Requires Bonus Point Adjustment”. They probably wait for you to actually contact them before returning any bonus points… sneaky.

First contact went smooth. They returned my product cost but didn’t want to return the shipping costs. So I explained it must have been an error at their site since the shipping address hadn’t changed. She checked my address and I confirmed it was correct. She promised to verify this and get back to me.

Never got back to me (what a surprise) so I got back to them. Second chat was much shorter. They couldn’t return the shipping costs to me. So I guess I must be lucky this was only a small package then? I’ll think twice now ordering larger packages where shipping costs can be equal or even higher than actual product price.

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  1. same thing happened to me with Turnigy 9X. I payed 24.90$ for shipping costs, and they said it was incorrect address, which is of course not true. The package never came to my country, and the address is correct, I already ordered from them.Now I'm waiting for solution, but guess what – no one answers.

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