Flight 4 Graupner Bellanca balsa decathlon

And yes I got it up without real damage for the 4th time in a row. This time I tackled to lack of power using a 3 cell 2200 mah lipo instead of the adviced 2 cell.

More than enough power this time. With the motor mentioned before it must be around 300 watts or just above with the 10×6 prop in place. Motor and lipo did get warm but still touchable. Prop needs replacement since you can see it bend as you throttle up.

takeoff was already much smoother. This time I was running it with larger foam wheels. Once up it needed again some trimming but once level it stayed level. I had one nasty wing drop but corrected it right away.

On this flight I also had the lost plane finder installed. It wasn’t installed properly though. You need to initialise it properly. Power up tx, then rx, wait for beep, then give some stick input to the channel you have the beeper on. Then it will be initialised and only beep on signal loss. I’ve tested this behavior on the ground before and can confirm it works. If not initialised properly it beeps every 30 seconds or so.

Next challenge was to get it back to the ground. I lined it up and only throttled back on final approach (to avoid tip stalls). It glided in very smoothly. In the end I didn’t have any power on it anymore. I missed my landing spot just by a few meters, landing in a field, still gently.

I had some battery time left so I got it up again, did some laps and tried to land it on the track this time. Again I got lost just above the track. This time I gave too much up elevator though causing a stall above the corn field. It dropped, luckily in the field so no real damage again.

Up to the next flights. Forgot to mention I did some aerobatics on the first flight this day. Loops and rolls very nice. Now practice those landings so I can end those aero flights gracefully.

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