2217-06 1500kv 250W brushless motor review

I ordered this brushless motor to convert my Laser Models Colibri 1400mm wingspan, +/- 1000 gram trainer. It was equipped with an OS MAX 25 (0.25 cid) before.

2217-6T (250W) 1500Kv SP Brushless Outrunner Motor

RPM/V:1500 KV
No load current / 10 V:1.6 A
No. Of cells: 3 Li-Poly/ 8-12 Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd
Max. efficiency:78%
Current capacity:28A/60 s
Dimensions:28×35 mm
Shaft diameter: 4 mm
Weight:70.8g / 2.49 oz
Recommended working current: 8 – 22A (efficient _ 70%)
Internal Resistance: 100 mΩ
Prop shaft adaptor output: 6mm
Recommended prop without gearbox: 8 x 4 to 9 x 5.

Again one I ordered from GiantCod instead of the chinese located HobbyKing: http://www.giantcod.co.uk/22176t-250w-1500kv-brushless-outrunner-motor-p-405612.html. I can buy these brushless motors from my local hobbyshop also.

Some websites list it as an 8×4 prop on 3s and 9×5 prop on 2s. I did some testing with my watt meter but this way you can’t get it much above the recommended 22A on full throttle. I don’t fly full throttle all the time anyway so I would suggest using the 9×5 prop on 3s. This way you can go over the recommended 22A without hitting the max of 28A and cruise around on a good efficiency.

When I received the motor it didn’t look like the first picture that originally was displayed on the product page. Instead it looks like the motor on the new picture on the website:

My order must have been between transition. The yellow once I ordered and used before with great success. This black one I less satisfying… The backplate for mounting had some misaligned holes so it couldn’t be used (yes I had it facing the right) and for some reason after some use the bell advanced forward on the shaft. Causing the bell to have way to much forward movement now (and a very short shaft :)). I tried fixing that removing the crub screw but it’s just way to solid, can’t loosen it.

No more of these motors for me for sure. I just noticed the NTM motors from hobbyking were in stock. Or at least some of them. I went ahead and ordered a 450 watt version, just to check it out. If that one runs wel those will be my next motor also.

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