Common 450 Heli spare parts

Some spare parts you rather have in stock. Ordering from HK is super cheap but it takes a while so you’d better be prepared. This is what I would order as spare parts directly with the heli kit of your choice.

HK-450 CCPM 3D Helicopter Barebone kit (Align T-rex Compat.) 
This is the easiest solution. Just get another kit and you’ll have most of the spare parts ready, except for blades and canopy. The problem with this option is that it’s very popular and therefore out of stock for a while now. You can’t even backorder this item :s.

Don’t wait for it to come in stock either. Just get on with the spares that are available. Like you read on this blog before I have the HK450 V2 kit. Most of it parts are great! Some aren’t. The few parts I would replace anyway are the plastic tail unit and the landing skids. The spares are simply stronger.

A list of the most common hk heli spare parts:

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