E-Flite P-40 Warhawk Flight Report

After some windy days I went flying in the evening at still 10kmh. No good idea for getting to know this plane but I couldn’t wait no longer. Flew it straight into the ground after 1min air time. Stood up in the mud when I arrived at the crash zone. Only minor damage. Broken prop and some scratches. This wind is doable though.

Another day I tried at 15kmh. It just drifted away and I couldn’t get it back. Could be a lack of skills on my side since this is my first aileron plane. Anyway got out of sight so I cut power and went looking. found it with a crack on one side of the fuselage just above wing. Easy fix.

Yesterday finally proper weather with less than 5kmh of wind. Flew 2 lipos (still the small 360 mah so only 3 min flights). so much fun I forgot to land when timer on last one kicked in. So lost power and had to land it somewhere in the field. Lost spare prop on that landing. Still no real damage.

Great flyer. Turns need power and if you bank too much you loose a lot of altitude. Didn’t miss that rudder. Hard to see on a distance. Another colourscheme could help. Elevator is sensitive like hell. I added some expo there. Rolls aren’t extremely snappy but thats just fine for my second plane. I think on 2s you can fly up to 10kmh and with some more power and skilss maybe 15kmh. on 2s I throttled down untill just above 50 perc with that smaller lipo. On straight fly only. for turns at least 75, 100 is better. Climbs out niceley after turn though. I launch straight on 75 perc throttle. On full throttle it banked and needed correction right away. The finger holes under the wing are so easy.

After some hard crashes I only had to glue one crack in the side of the fuselage and in the back the tail a foam segment that came off. The motor also got wobbly but I couldn’t fasten it with the screws only. Thanks to rcgroups I found out (without even opening it up :)) that the plate and not the motor is coming off. So some glue to fix the firewall was all this needed. 

The controls are well made, no binding that I noticed. I did have some issues once in the air but that was due to the servo wire of the aileron getting in the way of the aileron controls.

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