My Fox rc powered glider conversion

The latest pictures of my rc converted multiplex fox glider. As you can see I have the electric power setup installed and created a much bigger wing. These are the electronics I used:

 Total weight ready for flight with a 2s 360mAh lipo is 152 gram. This is with the  bigger wing of course.

For the original wing with all electronics I got 125 gram. The original Multiplex Fox glider weight without any electronics is around 50 gram.

 The canopy is made from a small water bottle. Receiver, esc and a 5g servo for rudder is in cockpit. The 9g servo for elevator is in the tail. This is for a better weight distribution. Without lipo it’s well balanced this way. So I can put almost any size of lipo directly underneath the CG. The motor is a Turnigy C1818 3500kv 9g . A bit too much speed. The prop is also too big. It’s now a 5×3 gws propeller. I would prefer a smaller propeller with more pitch for this motor. 4×4 would be perfect I guess. Even better would be a motor with lower rpm and folding propeller. I just don’t have one in stock.

 Here you can see how I have the wing mounted like the original mpx fox wing is. I did cut out in front so I don’t have to put it through from the side. I can now just lift up the front and slide in the wing. The piece of foam on top keeps it in place. Here I still have the lipo temporary fixed on that stick. I enlarged the slot underneath the wing for this lipo (check original position of nokia accu). This stick was ment to hold the motor on top. This was for propeller protection since I’m not an experienced flyer at all. I got rid of this idea, mounting the motor in front (now with a balsa firewall btw). It just had way to much pitch down on full throttle. I might try again later with the motor mounted with a lot of up thrust (since I keep crashing propellers).

This last picture gives you an idea of the size of the new wing. The flat horizontal piece is 1000mm. The tips are for dihedral angle since most of the wing is just straight, made from depron with a simple 50% on top KFm2 airfoil. Tips are about 200mm each. So total wing span now is around a (for the fox) massive 1400mm.

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