Cheap(er) Dell look alike keyboard from Trust

I always liked the Dell keyboards as pictured below.

But they are a way too expensive (if you can even find one brand new). This keyboard from dell comes close but is costing me 50 EUR! Second hand is no option (jaaiks)!

Trust has some wireless keyboard (and mouse) that looks very similar to this Dell. It’s ment for both left as right handed people (symmetrical) and comes close to the design of the dell keyboards I like. You can get it for half the price of a Dell!

The feedback of the keys is quit hard, like an older keyboard. Exactly what I like. I got a Belgium layout (azerty) version. Not sure if it’s available in US qwerty layout for transformation to dvorak keyboard layout.

3 Comments on “Cheap(er) Dell look alike keyboard from Trust

  1. I've got the Dell one, got it with my computer when I bought it. My computer is allready pretty old now (4-6 years or so) but the keyboard is still great. Never realy thought about how smooth it is until I saw this topic, lol. Anyhow, good one. Worth the 50 bucks if you have to buy it imo.

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