JavaBean properties: uppercase vs lowercase

In general JavaBean properties can be accessed by the getter method without the get and the first letter in lowercase. For instance:

public class SomeClass {
private String test;
public String getTest(){return test;}
public void setTest(String test){this.text=test;}

When accessing from the frontend this works fine:


But when you have a property that begins with several capitals java doesn’t find it when you only lowercase the first letter like this:

public class SomeClass {
private String xml;
public String getXML(){return xml;}
public void setXML(String xml){this.xml=xml;}

someClass.xML and someClass.XML don’t work. You need to lowercase all capitals in a row:


Some other examples:

getXMLData => xmldata
getXMLTestData => xmltestData
getXmlTestData => xmlTestData

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