mvn site:deploy on windows

I had to find a way to deploy javadoc towards a server. So I found out that the maven site has a reporting plugin for javadocs. To get all this working on windows follow these steps:

We need SSH so I installed cygwin with the following modules:


After installation of cygwin run it and on the console execute the following command to import your windows system users into cygwin:

mkpasswd   -cl   >   /etc/passwd
mkgroup --local > /etc/group

If you are logging on to a domain you’ll probably need to modify the /etc/group file to match the group ids with /etc/passwd.

The error I got because of this problem was something with setgid
Could be due to myself but I thought this referenced explanation was confusing. What you should do is open the /etc/passwd file. See for the line with as first element (separated by 🙂 your username. Then see if the 4th element (counting from 1, so the GID in name:password:uid:GID:gecos:home:shell) matches the third field on the line with name Users in /etc/group. When these do not match edit the /etc/group file to fix this problem.

Now you can start the SSH server with the following command from within cygwin (don’t know if altering users config requires restart of cygwin?):

net start sshd

And now you can go back to maven to deploy your site. Maven needs the following configuration. Edit POM to contain:



Replace the PATH_TO_TOMCAT or any other server.

Then execute the following goals:

mvn javadoc:javadoc
mvn site:site
mvn site:deploy


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